Wednesday, 5 March 2014

The Gorjuss new range.
I love the Gorjuss range it has always appealed to me. Some don't like the dark colours so I say buy the stamps and colour them in colours you do like. You're only limited by your own imagination.
So much in one pack.

I love this range it brings out my inner Goth.

Some people say they don't like the fact she has no nose or mouth. I say draw some on.

Even the packaging has a printed inside for you to cut out and use.

All the little pieces at the bottom of the pic are smaller hearts which I leave uncut until I want to use them as they get lost otherwise.
This particular kits Product Code is GOR 169108
and costs only £4.00
Amazing value I recon you can get in excess 16 cards out of this kit.

Monday, 24 February 2014


Being dyslexic for me means I can't remember easily what I've just read. So taking
measurements and dividing them into equal parts can sometimes drive me to distraction.
Here's a way I can divide an odd sized piece of card into three to make a tri fold card.
This technique saves time and mind Lol.
Here we have a picture of a yellow card and it measures 10 inches something.
Without using a calculator and dividing the numbers I can divide it into three exactly
by using the ruler at an angle.
Put the '0' on the ruler at the bottom left corner and swing the other side up until it reaches
a number easily divisible by 3 or whatever number you're dividing by.
In my example I chose 12 inches.
I mark the card at the 4 inch and 8 inch mark.
Now I move my ruler up and start at the 12 inch point at the top right hand corner
and swing the other end of the ruler until it touches the edge and again I mark the 4 and 8 inches.

Now I have two parallel marks showing where to score, cut or draw.
This leaves the card evenly dissected into 3 equal sections.
Quick, easy and no hard maths or remembering impossible minute measurements.

When is a STAG like and ANGEL? When it's a Die.
Whilst cutting the antler head section and back plate section I thought
''Ooh wings!''

After playing around with the stag die...
(XCUT stags head die from Do crafts)
...I managed to create an angel.

The wings and skirt were made from the antler head die
The bodice section once trimmed as shown was created from the back plate die.

The head was from one of the smaller stag head dies and the neck section trimmed later.

By cutting the back plate out around the neck you can use the surplus piece as a halo.

Using a different stag head section you can have longer hair.
Or you can add an extra skirt in another colour or material.
From this you can embellish and enhance the angel as much or as little as you like.

I hope this makes you look at other dies in your stash, Punches too as by thinking out of the box can make your purchases of these kind of items more of a bargain when you can get more from them.
You're only limited by your imagination.

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Pyrimage effect with only two images.

For those of you who've seen me do this at demos here's your reminder as promised.

First take two images and cut them exactly the same size using your largest die.
Then alternate the smaller dies like pic above and below.

Layer up hiding the holes made hey presto a topper that looks like you used 5 images to create. 

I chose not to use the smallest die as it confused this particular images face.
Instead I have 3 layers. Still just as effective.

Friday, 11 May 2012

May & Junes demos.

Upon recieving my demonstration kit from Design Objectives there was an hour of Oooos and Ahhhs and a frienzy of ideas going through my head on what I'd do with it all.

A lot of the other demonstrators/designers have felt the same as the kit is Ab-Fab.

To give you an idea of a brain frenzy imagine a kitten trying to put it's 4 paws on 12 mice running round it's feet. So in my head I have over 8 ideas in my head all fighting to be made first.

Sometimes I have to start all 8 off just to get them out and then complete them all at a slower pace.
If you've ever seen a prolific artists studio you'll see they have 5 canvassess on the go at any one time as each one demands to be painted. It's an 'arty' thing. Lol

I'll pop some of my demo cards on here just to give you a taster of what I'll be doing at my demos and underneath I'll list where and when the demos are. Come along and say hi if you can. I don't bite and I can garuantee I'll show you shomething you didn't know.

 ***See Joanne Austin's Wellington Mini Photo Book on the Do Crafts website
for instructions on her project 
like the above using the new Wellington range.



5TH May Craft Central in Worksop
12th May Gadsbys in Lincoln
15th May Oldrids in Boston
19th May Shawes in Nottingham

2nd June Craft Central in Nottingham
16th June The Range in Leicester
23rd June Capture the Magic in Cambridgshire

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Demo at Craft Central, Worksop 3rd March 2012

Big Hello to everyone who came to my demo yesterday. I had a fab time and lots of you told me you had enjoyed it too. I will be putting my demo projects on here and in my gallery on the Do Crafts website in a few weeks. So, keep coming back and checking or click to 'follow me' and you won't miss anything then.

My Do crafts Gallery is at

If you join the Do Crafts website and sign up for demonstration notifications in your area you'll get an e-mail when another demo comes up. I won't be at Craft Central, Worksop every month but they have booked a demo for every month so you will see more than one demonstrator and that way see lots of different ideas and styles.

Bye for now & Happy Crafting.

Friday, 13 January 2012

Envelope template makes a great Birthday/Anniversary reminder set.

I created this for the Docrafts Creativity Magazine but it wasn't chosen as I misunderstood & I didn't use other elements with it that they wanted to promote at this time. They liked the project but it didn't fit with what they needed.

The idea is you circle the important dates on the callendar side of the inserts and write what they refer to on the reverse. This way you never forget an important Birthday, Anniversary etc. It's really easy to make using the envelope template.


1. Using the envelope template make 6 envelopes out of card.
2. Take the template and selecting the top flap and central section of the template make a front and back.
3. Using the front as a template, make 6 inner pieces trimming them smaller, 30 mm off the top flap section and 2 mm around the edges.
4. Line up the front back and envelopes together and make a hole all the way through the top flap so that they all line up. Pop your eyelets in each hole with the good side facing the back of the envelope as this is the section that will be facing you.
5.Using both sides of the insert add small calendar months of the year to the top section.
6. Decorate the front of your calendar with buttons, flowers, gems and glitter glue.
7. Thread ribbon through and double loop it so it remains loose but won’t slip and undo.

 Card PMA 1641203
Mini Envelope Template
PMA 269000
Calendar ANT 7020101
Sticky numbers MTY 803102
 Flowers PMA 3681107
 Buttons PMA 3541207
 Ribbon ANT 3671108
 Glitter Glue GLT 02000
 Eyelets PMA 357104
 Scissors XCU 263106
 DS Tape STI 7101
 Pokey Tool XCU 268000
 Cropadile WRM 70907