Monday, 24 February 2014


Being dyslexic for me means I can't remember easily what I've just read. So taking
measurements and dividing them into equal parts can sometimes drive me to distraction.
Here's a way I can divide an odd sized piece of card into three to make a tri fold card.
This technique saves time and mind Lol.
Here we have a picture of a yellow card and it measures 10 inches something.
Without using a calculator and dividing the numbers I can divide it into three exactly
by using the ruler at an angle.
Put the '0' on the ruler at the bottom left corner and swing the other side up until it reaches
a number easily divisible by 3 or whatever number you're dividing by.
In my example I chose 12 inches.
I mark the card at the 4 inch and 8 inch mark.
Now I move my ruler up and start at the 12 inch point at the top right hand corner
and swing the other end of the ruler until it touches the edge and again I mark the 4 and 8 inches.

Now I have two parallel marks showing where to score, cut or draw.
This leaves the card evenly dissected into 3 equal sections.
Quick, easy and no hard maths or remembering impossible minute measurements.


  1. Hi , Many thanks for this have now got you in my favourites, not been visiting Creativity club for a while as l had a nasty fall in July 2013, still recovering, broke both my wrists, and top of my Humorous bone too, but now getting into my craft gently once more....Kathy xx