Sunday, 4 March 2012

Demo at Craft Central, Worksop 3rd March 2012

Big Hello to everyone who came to my demo yesterday. I had a fab time and lots of you told me you had enjoyed it too. I will be putting my demo projects on here and in my gallery on the Do Crafts website in a few weeks. So, keep coming back and checking or click to 'follow me' and you won't miss anything then.

My Do crafts Gallery is at

If you join the Do Crafts website and sign up for demonstration notifications in your area you'll get an e-mail when another demo comes up. I won't be at Craft Central, Worksop every month but they have booked a demo for every month so you will see more than one demonstrator and that way see lots of different ideas and styles.

Bye for now & Happy Crafting.

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