Friday, 11 May 2012

May & Junes demos.

Upon recieving my demonstration kit from Design Objectives there was an hour of Oooos and Ahhhs and a frienzy of ideas going through my head on what I'd do with it all.

A lot of the other demonstrators/designers have felt the same as the kit is Ab-Fab.

To give you an idea of a brain frenzy imagine a kitten trying to put it's 4 paws on 12 mice running round it's feet. So in my head I have over 8 ideas in my head all fighting to be made first.

Sometimes I have to start all 8 off just to get them out and then complete them all at a slower pace.
If you've ever seen a prolific artists studio you'll see they have 5 canvassess on the go at any one time as each one demands to be painted. It's an 'arty' thing. Lol

I'll pop some of my demo cards on here just to give you a taster of what I'll be doing at my demos and underneath I'll list where and when the demos are. Come along and say hi if you can. I don't bite and I can garuantee I'll show you shomething you didn't know.

 ***See Joanne Austin's Wellington Mini Photo Book on the Do Crafts website
for instructions on her project 
like the above using the new Wellington range.



5TH May Craft Central in Worksop
12th May Gadsbys in Lincoln
15th May Oldrids in Boston
19th May Shawes in Nottingham

2nd June Craft Central in Nottingham
16th June The Range in Leicester
23rd June Capture the Magic in Cambridgshire

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  1. I'm really enjoying May/June products. They are so easy to demonstrate with and a pleaseure to use. I could demo every day for a month or two and never repeat a card. Sooooooooo many ideas.