Friday, 21 October 2011

Halloween Brooch

I made this brooch for a friend who loves the cartoon movie 'Nightmare before Christmas' and the colour green. So I included two charms of the main two characters from the movie plus some green and pumpkin coloured beads as well as the gunmetal and silver.

Jack is a skelton so for a couple of the strands I created some bent bone like shapes to fit the theme.
The girl, Maggie,  stitches herself back together hence the hand made hand and Jack has a ghost dog hence the paw. The whole thing is meant to look like a confused mass as Jack is confused about Christmas and the Oogi Boogie man has lots of bits which spill out of him.

I really enjoyed making this. I made a brooch for my scottish hairdresser too with a comb and scissors charms on it. He loved it and said it will go on his sporran. Lol. I forgot to take a photo beforehand though.

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