Monday, 7 February 2011

Mackintosh Design

About 12-14 years ago I studied Rennie Mackintosh and loved the lazy drawn rose and the simplistic cubes and straight lines in his designs.  I had a small halway where I lived at the time and designed the following to fit within it to brighten it up a little. It was the era of rag rolling, stencling and home made decor.

This was a stain glass window design created by Rennie's wife.
I changed the colours and hand painted it onto the wall.

The mirror has a Rennie rose design on it. I used masking film and glass etch spray.
The loft hatch has 4 squares on it a usual design of Rennie Mackintosh.
The doorbell also has 2 small Mackintosh roses on it.

This radiator shelf is made from MDF painted grey and decorated with squares and roses.

Taking a style and making it into something new gives an area a new look.

I took the design from a Renni Mackintosh wardrobe and put it on a coffe set and bowl.

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  1. Hi Tracey I love the radiator shelf and the stained glass window.All your work is fantastic but those two are my favourites.XX