Monday, 7 February 2011

Knights and Dragons

I've always loved dragons and heraldry, when I got married it was in a manor house with a round table and suits of armour in it. The owner even got out all his china with dragons on it.

Below is some of my artwork.

Above a very thick large dinnerplate size piece of terracotta. I carved the dragon out of the clay then coloured it with slip and only glazed the eyes and teeth.

Thie plate above is a copy of a dragon on a Rodger Dean book I have and then I added my nick name TD to it. There was a happy accident when this was fired. The pale blue is just slip unglazed but the glazed dragon sweated onto the unglazed bit and gave me a graduated blue. The oranges and browns are glazed and unglazed teracotta.

Above are two oval plates handpainted with ceramic pens and baked in the oven. the three dragons are actually cut out of 5mm MDF and hand painted with acrylics.

This is a bad photo so appologies. It's a removable/peelable window decoration I made. He's gold, red and green and lovely when up in the sunshine. Took a lot of glass kit to make it.

 This is a plain teapot I painted with a bejewelled dragons tails and a dragons foot on the lid.

The wall plaques below are carved out of teracotta. What I did was cut out the basic shape, added slip then when it was dry enough I drew my design onto the clay & slip then I carefully carved the slip off revealing the teracotta clay underneath, a bit like a scraper board. When I glazed the work I didn't glaze all over so I had 3 levels the clay, the slip and the glaze. The two dragon-looking ones were meant to look like preserved pieces of cave drawing.

Please comment if you liked looking at this.

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