Monday, 7 February 2011

Dragons Tails

I was going to make an articulated dragons tail so made a smaller mock up to see if it would work. I was so pleased with the mock up I didn't bother making another. Wish I had a kiln to make more they swing and chink in the wind like a chime outside.

Anyone who wants to be my fairy god mother and buy me a kiln, thank you in advance. Lol.

The jug and bowl have dragons tails on them and the teracotta circle is a smaller version of a dragon with a chinaman sitting on his tail holding the pearl of wisdom. I made it much bigger the second time. So big it wrapped round a garden water fountain. See the tracings of my design below.
(Can't find photos of finished piece right now)

The tracing paper sheets were A1 size I have 2 stuck together here. this shows how big it was.

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