Wednesday, 12 January 2011


Hi and welcome to my Blog.

This is my first attempt at a public blog where I hope to share my ideas and projects with you. If you wish to comment or share any ideas please get in touch.

I've been using art to express myself since a very early age. I won my first art competition when I was seven. By the time I'd left school I had quite a few under my belt even a Ms Selfridges clothes design runner up prize.

Having worked in the creative industry since leaving Bath Lane College of Arts and Technology in Newcastle Upon Tyne in 1984, I've been a studio head, print sales rep, teacher, moderator, PA for a well known crafting team and curently demonstrate crafting products.

One day I hope to produce my own range of character papers, stamps and designs but so far my characters haven't had time to get out of my head and onto paper. Like a pair of teenage girls they are still making their mind up on how they want to appear and are taking ages getting dressed.

Watch this space.

Hugs to you all,


  1. Hello there!

    Nice background - can I have that for my feature wall when I decorate my bedroom?? lol

  2. LOL. Glad you like it. It's hand made paper. You can buy it in large sheets. I saw it on the blog maker and have some of the same in my craft room so thought it would make a nice background.

  3. hello Tracy, i really like the colour theme you've chosen, some blogs are a bit bright. xx

  4. Thanks Rosalie, I chose these 'rhubarb' colours as most creative people have some form of dyslexia and bright colours with black text is harder to read. I know from personal experience dark backgrounds and white copy is easier on the eyes to view. If you want to look at a bright blog site get a coloured piece of acetate and pop it over your monitor screen, it tints it down and helps you read it more easily.

  5. Hi There Tracy, Glad to see you have started blogging,its addictive, I hope you will pop across and visit mine, you will be able to read mine ok as I am also dyslexic, i like your background colour.
    good luck with it all.
    Kevin xx

  6. Thank you McCrafty I'll pop over now and see what you've done with yours. If it's half as good as your cards it'll be great.