Sunday, 30 January 2011

Ohh La, La. Parchment Craft Crad.


When I saw Do Crafts trellis cards I thought this one looked like a corset when it was turned upside down so my idea developed in my head and this is the result.

Here's how I made it...

Measuer the width of your card, cut some parchment craft paper into a square to the size of the width of your card. Fold it diagonally in half then in half a further two times. Open out and fold and crease the opposite way to give you clean crisp folds. Fold in a concertina way and using the outer top edge trim the fan so that it's all the same size. See below...

Take a parchment craft stencil and make an equally spaced pattern onto the fan.  You can get fan shaped templates but I used part of a larger pattern with hearts on it.

Take the tri-fold trellis card and turn it upside down. Take a corner punch and round the top corners. This reminds you which way up you're working. Then take your parchment fan and draw the outline on the section you'd normally tuck behind the trellis. Cut the fan shape out and fold it the same way creasing the card as you go.  Add Parchmnet paper behind the trellis with double sided tape and create a similar pattern to the one you used on the fan down the open centre of the card and just make something up to go in the middle of the trellis shapes.

Add red card, also in a fan shape, behind the parchment fan. Punch holes top and bottom through the card and parchment paper and thread red ribbon through. Add the same ribbon laced up the front of the corset section. Cover the back of the fan with double sided tape and attach to the fan shape on the card. To make sure the fan stays fixed use heart shaped brads in areas that enhance your parchment design. Remember to put the fan on the open/front side of the card, not on the side shown in the photo below, that view was just to show the corset and fan together.

Add feathers to the back of the fan and then cover the whole section with card hiding the feathers, glue and brads.  Make up two hearts with feathers, brads and white adhesive pearls for the bra section of the corset. Stick on with double sided foam pads. Cover the back of the trelis and parchment work with red card. Cover this with white card and then the insert paper to keep it tidy.

Your card is ready for a sentiment if you want one or you could just say what you want to on the insert.
This card will need a large postage stamp as it will be quite thick.

I will be making a similar card with glitter board next so watch this space.

Hope you like it.

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