Saturday, 22 January 2011

Cats in Need cards

Hi Folks,

I've had a busy week doing work for Cats in Need Sleaford. It's a small charity I volunteer with and I make their Thank You, Get Well Soon and Christmas cartds for the 100+ members every year. Heres some of the quick cards drying on my living room floor...

Basic small cards made to say thank you to people who donate to cats in need. The cats in the background are preprinted onto the card.

I also designed a basic logo/website for them which my husband hosts for them free of charge. We also foster cats and kittens, help at events and I write to various companies appealing for help. I'm 'chief scrounger' but my title on the website is Donations Coordinator.  In the past I've gotten us some fab raffle prizes, items for our refreshments stand and more recently we got a £2,000 grant from pets at Home and the Grantham store is hoping to sponsor us. This means we can do fundraising there. They will collect donations of food etc for us and give us a monitary donation at the end of each year. This is a huge boost to us as it takes approximately £10,000 every year to run the charity and no one is salaried nor do we get government funding. Half of them work full time too and do events at the weekend so they are devoted hard working lot.

Why do we do it you ask? To see those little furry faces looking relaxed, contented and peacefull. not worried, scared, injured or starving. I love cats and if I lived alone I'd have a house full but for now I am content fostering as I fill my time with other duties as well as my crafting.

The website can be found at and there is a 'Contact Us' page and a 'Donations' page should you want to help. Thanks for reading.

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  1. we got our little black cat from a rescue here in Boston and we just adore him. Volunteers make the world go round for sure!